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From an email, I realized that I have a fair history of computer gear that I have had over the years. I finally went and finished putting dates on my gallery of computer hardware, and have a fun partial timeline below.

I didn't have a digital camera before this point, so these are the earliest images.
April 2001:
That is indeed xeyes. Using a Win32 X server, as my linux box was primarily a server, with an exceedingly junky 1Mb graphics card.

March 2002:
Webserver/router (left), along with machine that was being worked on for TechBC Teknights (it was after that).

March 2004:
IMG_7705: SGI Visual Workstation (VisWS) 320, SGI O2
IMG_7706: Pentium 233MMX desktop, VIA C3-1, Athlon fileserver

May 2005:
The desk seen previously has moved into my bedroom, and the entire wall area is now a workspace.

July 2005:
After returning from LinuxTag 2005, I cleaned up the mess!

August 2005:
Going vertical now, due to lack of space.

January 2007:
This is my home office. I do need to clean off the left side of the desk, so that Marissa can sit there, but there is also a lot of stuff that I need to finish off and sell, including the Sun FibreChannel gear, and 3 ATX machines.

Server Down

Aug. 6th, 2006 08:54 pm
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There was a faint acrid smell, then a loud pop, and thereafter my server went off...
Unplugged/disconnected/etc, and opened it up, to find that it had blown a capacitor.
I have taken pics, but obviously can't put them until until the server is functioning in some way again.
A friend with a spare mobo that's a close match is coming over a bit later, but until then, my email and website are offline.

Hopefully the board in the server is still under warranty.
If it isn't then it's time to explore a new server, maybe in one of those shuttle-style mini cases.
Is anybody aware of a SFF system that has a PCI slot and TWO LAN ports?
It would need to fit 2x 3.5" drives as well, for my 3ware RAID.

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