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Monty Widenius (one of the original authors of MySQL) has asked for help in lodging objections to Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems.

I have no objections to the EC posting my mail, but I thought to also post it here, and help spread the word.

Mail to the EC merger registry )
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Firstly, the Sun StorEdge A5000 FibreChannel array that I put on the market in March is still available. The price is now $300CAD (offers below that welcome).

I'd like to get rid of it, as well as the following stuff, because I'm really running out space in my office.

The second batch is a much larger set.
I'm asking for $3000CAD presently, but I'm willing to listen to all offers.

I'd like to be able to get rid of most of it as one bit lot.
It all works 100% - I've personally tested it under Linux, and I've had it demonstrated to me under Solaris. If you're set on buying this still, I can see about arranging a demonstration.

If you were to buy the switch, both arrays and the interconnect cable, with at least 2 controllers, you've have a fully redundant setup for your systems, with 650Gb of raw space.

If you want to leave out some of the controllers, I'm willing to make a deal as well.

Alternatively, if you are interested in an individual item here, I've included some prices.

- Fibre-Channel Switch
Compaq StorageWorks SAN Switch 8-EL
8x 1Gbit FC ports
Compaq P/N #177615-001
Includes license keys for Base, Web, Zoning and Entry Fabric.
[$600 seperately]

- Sun StorEdge T3 (2 units)
9x 36Gb 10000RPM drives.
Includes Media Converter for SC fibre ($100-$150 value).
[$1100 each seperately]

- Sun StorEdge T3 Interlink cable pair (for redundancy)
[$100 seperately]

- Sun FC Hub
(Rebranded Vixel Intralink 1000)
Fully loaded with 7x 1Gbit GBIC, SC connectors.
[$300 seperately]

- Emulex LP7000 FC controller (2 units)
[$75 each seperately]
- Qlogic QLA2200F FC controller
[$75 seperately]
- Qlogic QLA2100F FC controller
[$75 seperately]

- Fibre-Optic Cable. 10 ft. Duplex SC connector. (5 units).
[$10 each seperately]

Pickup only - I can't arrange delivery! This stuff is heavy!

Either comment here, or look at my livejournal profile for one of my email addresses.
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[Edit 2006/Sept/23: Price dropped to $300 or make me an offer!]

I'm selling a Sun StorEdge A5000 FibreChannel disk array.

  • 22x 9.1Gb 10000RPM Seagate Cheetah drives, hot-swappable
  • Redudant power suppliess (3 total, needs at least 2 to run all 22 drives)
  • Capable of 200Mbyte/sec full-duplex transfer (100Mbyte/sec up/down).
  • 2x FibreChannel ports (upgradable to 4 ports, you just need to buy two more GBICs).
  • In rack-mounting sled. Sorry, I don't have the table-top plastic fittings for it.

Weight is 60kg (130lbs) - For ease of moving it, you can remove the modules (22 drives, 3 power supplies, 2 fan units) and move all of those and the chassis seperately.
Electrical - Draws 6.6A @ 110V.
Sun Documentation

So you can use it, I'll also throw in

  • Qlogic QLA2100F FibreChannel controller, 64-bit/66Mhz PCI, but works in regular 32-bit/33Mhz PCI slots (at half speed).
  • 10ft single-mode fibre optic cable - you could go 0.5km with single-mode cable if you bought a longer cable, or up to 10km if you buy a multi-mode GBIC and that much fibre.

I'd like $800 Canadian for it, and you'll have to come and pick it up (Vancouver, around 35th and Fraser).
Present eBay pricing for this is $740+($90 shipping)+($200 for QLA2100F controller) = $1030.

If $800 is too much, make me an offer.

The unit will be available as of March 16th (I'm using it for a project right now, but after that it needs to go).

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