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My bicycle was stolen earlier this evening. Sufficiently close to see the guy cycling away with it. Drove around a bit with Dave looking for it, but didn't find :-(

  • Orange DeVinci St Tropez (large)
  • Reward if you return it!
  • Extensive scuff damage to the handlebar ends
  • Panier Rack
  • Rain fenders
  • 2x front LED lights
  • 2x rear LED lights
  • Serial: SA…863

Last time I had my bike stolen I was in the downtown eastside. This time it was stolen from outside my house, NOT visible from the street or alley, around 23h00 at night.

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Having my bike stolen has made me wonder about locks more. Defeating most forms of bike locks are trivially easy with some lateral thinking.

This was my lock:

Lock properties and attacks against
bumpkey (given a suitable blank or other key of same style), pick the lock, drill or freeze the lock (either LN2 or just adding in warm water on a day that's below freezing)
guess or shoulder-surf the combination
Large bolt cutters, wire cutters or hacksaw
Use a jack inside the arms to apply outward force

Any other bicycle lock types or different attacks that you can think of? Any way to effectively defeat one of more of the above attacks? From a security perspective, we need to consider not only the permitted attacks, but all possible attacks.

In my case, they either defeated my combination (probably by shoulder-surfing), or just used some form of cutting attack. Since the lock wasn't left behind, I suspect the former more than the latter.

Stolen Bike

Aug. 3rd, 2008 10:56 pm
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Ok, so I've totally slacked off, and not posted about the rest of OLS2008 yet, but this post is more important than that for now. I was out at the Pride Parade today, then went to meet up with a friend. I locked up my bike at ~17h20, to the racks outside Waterfront Station (I wrote Centre in my Twitter posts, but then realized it was actually Waterfront Station at that spot). I came back at 20h30, to find my bike was gone :-(.

Description: Norco model 7030 (only 95% certain, can't remember exactly), mountain bike. Olive Green and Beige, with some white lines. Front white LED from PlanetBike (batteries quite worn down), no rear light. Stock seat. Rear aluminum pannier rack. Bike lock was an OnGuard Doberman combination lock.

I bought the bike used, almost 3 years ago, from the antiques/junk store on the corner of 31st and Main, for $50. It was probably hot merchandise at the time, but it was a good deal, and in reasonable condition. I've put in probably $50 of maintenance, and the lock+rack were another $40 approximately. Not a lot of money, just enough to be annoying.

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