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For the many other open-source contributors and developers out there, I'm wondering if anybody has a complete list of all works they have created. It came up recently that such a list would be useful in asserting my own prior copyrights in any future employment, and avoiding claims that I'd taken any code [1].

For version control systems are still accessible, this isn't too much of a problem, but for past historical creations, this is a lot harder. Has anybody else done it? To what level of detail did your listing go?

Here's my initial broad listing(I'm going to come back often to fill it in more)

I realized that this does form a sort of portfolio of work that I've done, and it shows just how flexible I am, esp. if I went and wrote this up better including a blurb about some of the larger or more standalone projects I've done.

Additional sources to look up this stuff are:

(list last updated 2015/06/20, partially)

And I'm sure that I'm missing many more.

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Monty Widenius (one of the original authors of MySQL) has asked for help in lodging objections to Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems.

I have no objections to the EC posting my mail, but I thought to also post it here, and help spread the word.

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In the LJCut, is the public portion of my report-back on OSCON2006 to the rest of the phpMyAdmin development team. I decided to post it here, as it is a good summary of my travels to Portland.

This is the photo I refer to in it,

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