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Working on my conference travel plans and wishes for the year. I am downgrading OLS to a maybe, the cost is becoming more of a factor. Likewise, while I had incredible fun at FOSDEM last year, and OSCON in 2006, I cannot justify the airfare/hotel expenses for them. I would like to attend SCALE at some point as well, but uncertain for the same cost reason.

  • February 25-27, SCALE 9x @ Los Angeles, CA, USA. [SCALE9x].
  • April 11-14, MySQL UC @ Santa Clara, CA, USA [MySQLconf].
  • April 13, Embedded Linux Conference @ San Francisco, CA [ELC].
  • April 27-30, STS-134 launch @ Kennedy Space Centre, FL, USA [STS134].
  • May 26-29, Bowen Island, BC, Canada.
  • June 25-26, Mini Maker Faire Vancouver @ Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • August 17-19, LinuxCon 2011 @ Vancouver, BC, Canada [LinuxCon].
  • August 25-28, PAX Prime 2011 @ Seattle, WA, USA.
  • July 25-29, OSCON @ Portland, OR, USA.
  • August 7-11, SIGGRAPH 2011 @ Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • October 19-22, Access 2011, @ Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • October 22-23, Google Summer of Code 2011 Mentor Summit @ Mountain View, CA, USA.
Would like to go, but out of my financial reach:
  • February 5-6, FOSDEM @ Brussels, Belgium.
  • June 13-15, Linux Symposium @ Ottawa, ON, Canada.
  • September 7-9, Linux Plumbers @ Santa Rosa, CA, USA.
Arriving on the 24th actually
I will be manning the phpMyAdmin booth, like past 5 years.
Dropped in for just one day for hallway track
KSC grandstand seats to see the penultimate launch :-)
Local this year, so no travel costs :-)
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Added GSoC, Access 2011, Bowen Island, STS-134
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Monty Widenius (one of the original authors of MySQL) has asked for help in lodging objections to Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems.

I have no objections to the EC posting my mail, but I thought to also post it here, and help spread the word.

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I need to write a really detailed blogpost later, however one of the odder moments, was a Gentoo user from the LA area calling me "a walking manpage". To dissect, this is not correct, a directory of manpages perhaps, but not a singular manpage.
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So lately I've doing a variety of development that uses PostgreSQL. It's come a long way since I last used it a couple of years ago, esp. in the realm of performance. The auto-complete in the psql tool is also a very nice touch, I can get it confused occasionally, but the auto-complete in the similar mysql tool is far less advanced.

There is however one thing that still bugs me, and it's turned up in plenty of other places. This is the issue of INSERT IGNORE/REPLACE that MySQL supports, but PostgreSQL doesn't. The widely documented way to handle these is to used a stored procedure instead, but that has a major shortcoming: it can only insert a single value at a time. This is a major performance limitation, and also suffers concurrency issues. INSERT IGNORE and REPLACE handle multi-valued inserted much more gracefully.

INSERT IGNORE is defined as inserting a data tuple, and if the primary key already exists, that singular tuple is not applied to the table. REPLACE is defined as insert a data tuple, and if the primary key already exists, using the remaining data in the tuple to perform an UPDATE statement.

If anybody has got other ideas that make handling REPLACE and INSERT IGNORE in PostgreSQL easier, I'd love to hear them.

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