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Why is it that so few manufacters deal with digital optical sound in reasonable units? From the average manufacter that does computer speakers, you can only get digital optical if you go with a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system :-(.

This of course excludes anybody looking for a 2.0 sound system with optical :-(. I was pointed to using a seperate optical decoder for some cases, but means twice the number of power cables, and almost all of the optical decoders are bulky units.

However, thanks to somebody that posted on my previous query, I have now found at least one manufacter that does make what I'm after. Behold!

Now just to figure out somewhere locally that carries them, and see if I like the sound that comes out them.
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I'm on the lookout for some speakers - with optical audio in.
I presently have a 5.1 set, with analog inputs, and I want to move to a much smaller optical set mainly for reasons of space and cabling.

However, it would seem that there is no such thing as a 2.[01] speaker system with optical input. You get it in 5.1 only :-(.

I'm hoping my reader-base can point me to a solution.
- Ideally similar to the Logitech designs, with a decoder in a seperate box that all input sources are connected to, and speakers connected to decoder - this is not a hard requirement - but I will not stand for having the decoder in the sub.
- 2.[01] sound. The sub is really optional for me.
- Optical (TOSLink) input is required.
- Having analog input as well would be handy, as would a headphones connector on the front.

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