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The province is saying that there is sufficient Nightbus service, so they aren't going to extend the SkyTrain hours:

TransLink's Ken Hardie says they can't run SkyTrain later because the tracks need maintenance. "We have night bus routes that basically follow Canada Line, the Expo Line and the Millennium Line, so they duplicate those routes and they run all night."

I don't disagree that the maintenance is needed, but my objection in your claim that the NightBus routes "run all night".

Almost all of the NightBus routes have a final bus leaving the downtown core at 03h09. The first buses in the morning then start leaving the downtown area between 05h00 and 06h30. The exceptions: the N10, with downtown departures up to 04h39 (1 hour gap to the start of normal service). The N16, which stops at 03h28.

This means that if you are downtown and want to leave AFTER that, perhaps because your job had you working downtown, or you were chatting with friends, then you're stuck.

I would like to ask Translink to add the few more trips that it would take to continue to run 30-minute service intervals until the resumption of regular morning service. The N10 is almost there, it just needs one more set of Downtown departures. Make our transit system really 24-hours!

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Tired of the slow TransLink web forms?
One of my co-workers made a nice Firefox plugin to TransLink's site.

Give it a search like "5100 fraser st to 200 burrard st at 9pm" and it takes you immediately to the results. If a search would take you to the TransLink location confirmation page, you still end up there unfortunately.

Get it here:

It's fully cross-platform as well, that's his Windows screenshot, but I'm using it on Linux-firefox.

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