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As a recent random time-waster, I went and read all of the bugs in the "Recruitment" product of the Gentoo Bugzilla. In doing so, I found twelve developers (ebuild or other) that weren't listed in our LDAP or historical tracking at all. I added them back now, I have gentoo-core announcements from when several of them joined as well that I double-checked.

The "lost" developers
  • pihta - bug 20756
  • ct - bug 22211
  • srcerer - bug 23184 (retire date approximate)
  • fede2 - bug 25464
  • vlaci - bug 31795
  • teval - bug 36753
  • mccabemt - bug 43029
  • rip7 - bug 46353
  • twk-b - bug 53723
  • dj-submerge - bug 57051
  • little_bob - bug 69742
  • ruth - bug 70469
Other LDAP changes from my review:
  • svyatogor - bug 20756 - updated join date for original docs work, he had commit rights two years before his previously stated join date
  • archaelus - bug 30835 - data fixup
  • apokorny - bug 70188 - add join date
Further plans:

There are 92 developers without join dates. We need to find join dates for them via BugZilla and CVS/SVN. Also audit all join dates for every other developer. Lastly, discover and capture retirement dates for every past developer.

Present statistics: 673 developers total. 247 active, 426 retired.

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Migrating data and cleaning up my old desktop display head machine, I decided to check out my ccache statistics. This is a very old cache, having first started 2006-01-13. The oldest item in the present cache is 2008-01-12, but the statistics are valid for the entire period. hits 229k and 834k misses = approximately 21% hit rate. This wasn't any crazy repeated compiling of my own code, just a dedicated ccache directory for Portage to use.

Raw numbers )
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2007/10/23: anon comments locked due to spam

For all those Gentoo developers and readers out there, I'd like the answer to a perception question. Without looking at any data source, do you know roughly how many active (non-retired) developers there are? Do you know where they are distributed around the world?

We presently have 319 developers that are not marked as retired. I hear that Developer Relations have a pile of folks to mark as slackers, so this number will appear lower soon, but more accurately reflect how many developers in the distribution.

Here's the summary of the breakdown:

103.13%South and Central America
268.15%Africa, Asia, Australia
309.40%United Kingdom
10031.35%North America
I have more detailed results online here. Surprising bits include the number of developers in Germany (more than the combined total of the 2nd and 3rd entries), as well as the bug concentration in California.

Here is a breakdown by group groups of timezones, but it's made moot by the point that some people are normally early-morning people, while others are night-owls:

257.84%Asia, Australia
11034.48%North, South and Central America
17354.23%Europe, United Kingdom, Africa

Source data that I based this data was originally LDAP, partially processed and made available here.

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