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2009-07-30 05:57 am
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Heatwaves lead to hardware failures

So for our Vancouver heatwave (I noted 39C away from the water today, in the shade!), it's finally claimed some of my computer hardware. Most annoying, the battery backup unit (BBU) in the newer fileserver, and 1.5 of the disks of the RAID1 array in the old server...

My website and personal email will be offline for a day or two while I ensure my backups are up to date, and redeploy to the newer fileserver (after I buy a new BBU tomorrow).

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2006-05-14 03:33 am
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Interesting paper on the current differences between enterprise and consumer grade drives.

Esp. see section 3.5 on reliability.
- Consumer drives are designed for 2400 POH (power-on hours) a year - running them for 9600 POH will double the failure rate.
- All drives are designed to run as cold as possible (25C room temperature) - an ambient temp of 40C will double the failure rate.